Grays Top Hockey Players Choice For The Games

Grays are delighted to report that more players have chosen Grays sticks for London than any other brand.  Grays will once again be at the forefront of sticks being used by the players competing, with every single match featuring at least one Grays stick.  During the opening day game between the Korean and Chinese women’s teams all sticks on view will be Grays.  A total of 107 players have chosen to use Grays out of a total of 384 completing in the Hockey tournament.

Grays Players in London


Argentina L Cammareri, M Paredes
Australia M Knowles, E Ockenden
Belgium X Reckinger
GB A Jackson, R Moore, I Lewers, M Daly
Germany T Stralkowski
The Netherlands R VD Horst, M Balkestein
India M Singh
South Korea K Moonkweon, J Jong Hyun, H Eunseong, L Seungil, Y Sunghoon, C J Bok, H Hyesung, K Moonkyu, K Jin,
L Ho, L Yong, O Daekeun, N H Woo, S Jongho, Y W Kon, Y Hyosik
New Zealand H Inglis, S Mcalese, D Couzins
Pakistan M W Sharif A H Khan, S Abbasi, S Rasool, M Rashid
South Africa M Harper
Spain S Freixa, P Amat

Hockey Sticks


Argentina M R Sanchez, D Sruoga, M Scarone, J Sruoga
Australia H Munro, G Nanscawen, A Nelson
Belgium L Danhaive
China C Qiuxia, D Jiaojiao, F Baorong, G Lihua, L Hongxia, L Meiyu, M Wei, M Yibo, P Yang, W Mengyu, R Ye, S Qingling,
S Sinan, X Xiaoxu, Z Yimeng, Z Yudiao
GB L Bartlett, C Cullen, E Maguire, H Richardson, S Thomas, G Twigg, N White
Germany N Keller, M Haase, M Maevers
The Netherlands M Paumen, J Sombroek, M de Blaay
Japan R Komazawa, M Nakagawa, A Mitsuhashi, K Fujio
South Korea H H Lyoung, M Younghui, C Sena, C Eunbi, C S Ki, J S Ji, J Y Mi, K Darae, K Jongeun, K Jonghee, K Okju,
L Seonok, P K Ju, M Younghui, P Mihyun, P S Mi
New Zealand G Nanscawen, A Nelson, G Flynn, C Harrison, S Michelsen
South Africa T Bright, L A George, N Terblanche, S Russell, T Mayne

Date: 25 July 2012