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Netballs aim is to ensure that all we do benefits not only the brand but also the netball community as a whole. With this in mind Gilbert has invested heavily in new partnerships with IFNA and a multitude of netball bodies at every level throughout the world.
Since 1876 Gray-Nicolls have continued to manufacture cricket equipment to the very highest quality and lead the market by combining tradition with innovation producing equipment which performs at every level, from the playground to the test arena.
Rugby Union
Extensive research and development continues to see Gilbert Leading the way in rugby ball manufacture and all other areas of rugby equipment. Established in 1823 Gilbert continues to maintain the high standards set by James Gilbert over 189 years ago.
More international Hockey players rely upon the quality and performance of Grays than any other brand. From the very beginnings of the sport to the Beijing Olympics where the majority of players used Grays – players have had their sticks made by craftsmen of Grays.

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